Distribution Centre in Siedlce, ASAJ — LUMI TEAM

Distribution Centre in Siedlce, ASAJ

ASAJ is a Polish family-owned retail chain that originated in the electro-technical industry and has been operating in the domestic distribution market since 1990. It is a wide stationary sales network, which includes various types of units (sales and warehouse units, lighting stores, sales offices, representative offices) offering services, depending on the location, to business customers (electro-technical, energy and renewable energy industries, as well as heating, installation and HVACR industries, maintenance and procurement, specialist stores and wholesalers, designers and architects) and individual clients.

In recent years, one of the most important investment and development projects of ASAJ is the construction of a modern Distribution Centre in Siedlce. Centralisation of logistics services to support further development plans of the company.

Energy efficiency and modern lighting – those were the assumptions of ASAJ, which we have decided to implement by participating in the finishing of the Distribution Centre. We have chosen the LUCA 50W option with a reliable 60-degree lens. This type of optical system enabled the reduction in the number of luminaires without light supply loss of all the elements.

The Distribution Centre is illuminated by 248 LUCA luminaires with a total power of 12.4 KW and a luminous flux of 1,860,000 lumens. Each of the 9,617 pallet spaces receives adequate lighting.

The assortment of ASAJ includes not only LUMI TEAM luminaires but also luminaires from other lighting companies, therefore we are proud that we have been chosen to illuminate this new important investment.

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The following luminaires were selected for this project: