2 June 2021

How to light a large production or exhibition hall?

Not so long ago, a common source of light in production halls were extremely popular fluorescent lamps. They were used primarily because they consumed much less electricity than traditional incandescent lamps, but also because they were much more efficient and lasted longer. However, the quality of this type of lighting was questionable and when fluorescent […]

24 April 2021

Who is responsible for street lighting? Where to report a breakdown?

We notice the effects of lighting failures in public spaces very quickly. Although we don’t pay attention to street lamps on a daily basis, they are an extremely necessary part of the space we walk through. Few people, however, know how and where to report a city lighting outage.

23 June 2020

Intelligent Lighting Systems Cluster

We are pleased to announce that LUMI TEAM has joined the Intelligent Lighting Cluster, which brings together companies operating in the lighting industry.

23 June 2020

COVID-2019 – how we work?

Due to the difficult situation associated with the COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform you that the Lumi Team is continuing its activity and fulfilling its obligations.

29 November 2019

ENERGETICS 2019 Energy Fair Invitation

Lublin will once again become the autumn capital of the energy industry during the ENERGETICS Energy Fair, which will be held on November 19-21, 2019.

29 November 2019

ENERGETICS 2019 Energy Fair Relation

The first fair is behind us! This year’s edition of the Energetics Trade Fair enjoyed great interest in the industry, and our participation can definitely be considered successful.

2 February 2018

Numbers that will convince you to buy LED lamps

  One can write long articles on the main competitive advantages of LED industrial lighting over traditional lighting. However, we prefer to focus on a few numbers associated with LUMITEAM’s fittings that say it all.

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