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Who is responsible for street lighting? Where to report a breakdown?

24 April 2021

We notice the effects of lighting failures in public spaces very quickly. Although we don’t pay attention to street lamps on a daily basis, they are an extremely necessary part of the space we walk through. Few people, however, know how and where to report a city lighting outage.

A lighted road or sidewalk gives us not only the comfort of movement, but also provides a sense of safety. However, sometimes various kinds of defects occur, especially during bad weather conditions. Storms, high winds, or heavy precipitation increase the risk of damage to street lighting. Also dangerous for lighting elements are all kinds of traffic accidents, where during the impact of the vehicle there is damage that requires repair. It is also obvious that the bulbs placed in the lamps simply wear out. Like most components, they have a finite life and need to be replaced from time to time.

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Who makes sure the street lights are working smoothly?

Usually, we ask the city or town hall, as well as the road authority, to repair the lighting. It is good to know the appropriate authority responsible for the infrastructure in your area. When reporting such a failure we should remember to give the most precise location of the damaged lamp. This is very useful information that will speed up the entire repair process. In the case of internal roads, the responsibility for the repair of occurring failures lies with the housing association or property manager, among others. Many larger cities also launch special hotlines for this purpose, which should be called immediately after noticing the fault, because any delay in this regard is detrimental to the safety of people and vehicles moving on the unlit area. However, if you have no idea who is responsible for the proper functioning of street lighting of the area, you may contact the emergency power service. Even if they don’t take the call they should redirect you to the appropriate unit.

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How long does it take to repair street lighting?

Unfortunately, it is rare that a repair is made immediately after receiving a call. There is often a wait of several weeks to up to a month for action to be taken in this direction. The timing of the contracted repairs shall be specified in the contract with the local government authority. Repairs to dangerous intersections or pedestrian crossings are prioritized as they carry a high degree of danger.
Do not be indifferent and report any observed failures or defects. It does not cost you anything, and you will help to solve the problem faster and ensure the safety of yourself and many others.

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