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Modernization of lighting in Sports and Recreation Centre of Grodzisk Mazowiecki Municipality

The sports hall in Grodzisk Mazowiecki is a sports facility that serves the residents of the municipality and surrounding areas. Among other things, it has a 1,250 m2 hall available for sports competitions in all indoor disciplines, for individuals and sports sections, as well as for physical education classes. As such, it must be perfectly lit, both for the players and the 600-person audience in the stands.

One of the advantages of the Grodzisk sports hall is the possibility to set up three volleyball courts, three tennis courts or two basketball courts at the same time, which on the one hand provides great opportunity to conduct several trainings at the same time, but on the other hand the nets ending with shades dividing the pitch compromise the evenness of lighting. The client wanted the hall to be divided so that each part of the hall would still be perfectly lit. Choosing the right luminaire was very important, so we opted for the High Bay – Beetle luminaire.

The Beetle High Bay luminaire, with its high power and high luminous flux, was perfect for the sports arena. The hot atmosphere accompanying any game will not harm it, thanks to the ribbed surface that effectively dissipates excess heat to the environment, even at a temperature of 50°C. The DALI control system allows you to dim and brighten the hall depending on weather conditions and the demand of those using the facility, which generates an additional 30% savings.

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The following luminaires were selected for this project: