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Production and storage hall, Pszczyna, Poland

Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa, Pszczyna

This production and storage halls are located in Pszczyna (Silesia Province), by one of the town’s main roads. It is an object created for rental purposes, so an important role for the landlord is played not only by the location or the area, but also the possibility of optimizing the maintenance costs of such a building.

The total area of the newly built facilities is over 3300 m2. The room intended for production and storage required the selection of such luminaires which from a height of 8 m perfectly illuminate the entire surface of the object. The building’s façade, on the other hand, needed lighting that would provide good visibility of the facility from the outside. With the help of our sales team and lighting designer, the client selected industrial LED lighting SQUARE HIGH BAY and BEETLE HIGH BAY luminaires with Dali system.

Beetle High Bay luminaire, thanks to high luminous flux and high power is perfect for industrial halls and warehouses. On the other hand, the main advantages of SQUARE LED HIGH BAY luminaire are its versatility and flexibility of application. Both can be used indoors and outdoors. The DALI control system allows the lighting power in the hall to be adjusted according to the demand of the users and the external conditions, which generates additional savings. Reducing the wattage of luminaires also extends their life.

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