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Modernization and extension of lighting in the production hall and parking lot of Metal Team Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Metal Team, our parent company, is one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive solutions for the machining industry in Poland. In its technology center in Wanaty near Częstochowa, it conducts production activities as well as presents technological solutions. Over the past two years, the company has expended in size and today production halls and offices cover a total area of over 4,900 m2. In conjunction with the expansion, the company decided to upgrade the lighting in existing manufacturing and warehouse spaces. Its primary goal was to reduce costs and improve working conditions, which must meet stringent standards.

As for the modernization, we used the existing electrical installation and installed luminaires, adapting them according to the purpose of the buildings. For the machine park we went with Beetle LED High Bay luminaires, whereas the exhibition hall and foundry were equipped with Square LED High Bay luminaires. Also on the facades, traditional metahalogen lamps were replaced with Square LED High Bay luminaires (including floodlights on tall poles behind the hall). Replacement of just these luminaires resulted in energy savings of 50%.

In the machining hall, we installed luminaires in the amount of 1: 1, we decided to use the Beetle LED High Bay luminaire with 89 ° optics. The exhibition hall and the foundry are equipped with Square LED High Bay luminaire with 94 ° optics. On the facades of the building traditional metahalogen lamps were also replaced with Square LED High Bay luminaires (including floodlights on high poles behind the hall). Replacing these luminaires has already guaranteed savings of 50%.

The next stage was the installation of luminaires in newly built halls. One of the assumptions of the project was the aesthetics and consistency of lighting in the company, so we decided to use the same type of luminaires in the new halls. We equipped the new premises with 36 Beetle LED high bay 130 W luminaires (production hall), 40 Square LED high bay 130 W luminaires (warehouse hall), 46 LUCA Hermetic LED 40 W luminaires (assembly hall).

The outdoors was also taken care of! For the company’s newly built parking lot for employees and guests we went with our street LED lighting bestseller City Street LED with dedicated parking lot optics. On the area of 2600m2 adapted for 150 cars, 21 luminaires were installed, which thanks to their exceptional light efficiency, despite the smaller number of lamps, perfectly coped with this large area.

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