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Interchange, Katowice, Poland

The “Zawodzie” interchange is one of the largest transfer centers in Silesia. The aim of the interchange is to integrate public and private transport, i.e. to encourage drivers to change their cars for streetcars or buses. The area of such a facility is characterized by intense traffic, so the authorities of the city of Katowice have also decided to change the lighting of the road adjacent to the interchange. After a thorough discussion with our consultant, it was decided to go with City Street LED luminaires.

CITY STREET LED features exceptional luminous efficiency, making it a great choice for large open spaces. In addition, the external heat dissipation surface is self-cleaning and equipped with a filter to equalize the pressure between the inside of the luminaire and the outside without sucking in impurities. Compared to traditional lighting, LED technology reduces energy consumption and costs by up to 50%, while ensuring a much longer lifetime of the luminaire.

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The following luminaires were selected for this project: