Football pitch in Wadowice, Poland – LUMI TEAM

Football pitch in Wadowice, Poland

In the second quarter of 2022, we had the pleasure to use LUMI TEAM lightning to illuminated the full-size, ultra-modern football field, which was built on the premises of Skawa Wadowice.

The new facility at the MKS Skawa Wadowice stadium is the first of its kind in Małopolska and the most modern fourth-generation artificial grass pitch in Poland. It is the only one in the country that meets all three essential requirements:

  • First, the SURFACE of the pitch is a fourth-generation artificial turf, no-infill system, environmentally friendly, more modern and easier to maintain, which ensures greater comfort during the game
  • Second, the DIMENSIONS of the pitch are 105 x 68 meters, which is in accordance with the guidelines of IFAB (International Football Association Board) for the size of professional football fields
  • Third, the vertical LIGHTING of the playing field has an intensity level of 500 lux, which is in line with the licensing regulations for football games at the central level

The pitch measures 105 x 68 m and is equipped with fencing and stands, two 12-person booths for substitute players, two large (senior) aluminium goals (7.32 x 2.44 m) mounted in sleeves and six portable goals (5 x 2 m) for youth team competitions. As the management boasts, the pitch is so big that during training sessions and matches of youth teams it can be divided into four or even six fields.

The lighting supplied by us meets the requirements of the EN 12193 standard, lighting requirements for football sports fields, class I – Em ≥ 500 lx, uniformity ≥ 0.7 min. 0.7, glare <50, and for at least 6 subsequent years it will be possible to organise matches not only during the day but also after dusk. Four 24-metre poles were placed on the pitch, with 16 BEETLE II LED FLOODLIGHT TRE 900 W sports facility luminaires on each of them (64 pcs in total). The capacity of the luminaires enables perfect illumination of every part of the pitch. The vertical illumination of the playing field has an intensity level of 500 lux, which is in accordance with the licensing regulations for central-level football games and necessary for spectacular television broadcasting.

As the football field in Wadowice is an outdoor facility, it was important to select led sports facility luminaires not only with a strong luminous flux but also with exceptional resistance to external conditions. BEETLE LED FLOODLIGHT are led floodlights that operate at ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C. With free configuration of the number of luminaires and power selection, BEETLE II LED FLOODLIGHT can meet the needs of customers. Furthermore, the steel structure supporting the luminaires was custom-made so that it can perfectly match the purchased poles.

We would like to thank the municipality of Wadowice for the trust in our company and we wish lots of success to the players and many unforgettable experiences to their fans.

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