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Fansuld Industrial Hall and Iron Foundry, Końskie, Poland

Hala przemysłowa i Odlewnia Żeliwa „FANSULD”

“FANSULD” is a leading Polish cast iron manufacturer with a market presence of over 20 years. The company is located in Końskie (Świętokrzyskie province). The foundry enjoys the opinion of a solid and modern company investing continuously in innovative technological and product solutions. Due to the continuous development of the company, it was decided to build a new production hall and a high-bay warehouse.

The total area of the newly built facilities is almost 3000 m2. The high bay warehouse required the selection of luminaires that from a height of 10 m would perfectly illuminate the entire area of the facility. In turn, the production hall and the foundry needed lighting that would keep employees comfortable working at the machines all day long. With the help of our consultants the client chose BEETLE HIGH BAY luminaires with Dali system.

Beetle High Bay luminaire, thanks to high luminous flux and high power is perfect for industrial halls and warehouses. The DALI control system allows the lighting power in the hall to be adjusted according to the demand of the users and the external conditions, which generates additional savings. Reducing the wattage of luminaires also extends their life.

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The following luminaires were selected for this project: