Oświetlenie dużej hali produkcyjnej lub wystawowej

How to light a large production or exhibition hall?

2 June 2021

Not so long ago, a common source of light in production halls were extremely popular fluorescent lamps. They were used primarily because they consumed much less electricity than traditional incandescent lamps, but also because they were much more efficient and lasted longer. However, the quality of this type of lighting was questionable and when fluorescent lights based on LED technology appeared on the market, they quickly replaced the traditional fluorescent lights. Light strings made of this type of lamps can successfully illuminate a large production hall. Moreover, they are a long-lasting, energy efficient source of light.


What light output to use in a production or exhibition hall?

The wattage of traditional light sources is specified in watts. Lumens, on the other hand, is a unit of measurement of the luminous flux, in which the power of modern LED lamps is given. So to find out how many lumens per m2 of shop floor to choose, there are some key factors to consider, primarily including:

– illumination level

– uniformity of illumination

– reduction of glare

– brilliance

– color rendering index

High Bay LED Lamps

A good solution for lighting a production floor is to use High Bay LED lamps. State-of-the-art models have dedicated lenses and an effective heat sink to regulate the level of temperature elevation during operation of the fixture. These types of ceiling lamps for shop floors emit a strong stream of light, which effectively illuminates even spaces of height going into over a dozen meters. They are mounted to a rod, on a bracket or on cables, adjusting their height to suit your specific needs. Due to their high sealing class, high bay luminaires perform well in harsh environments. These luminaires are characterized by an extremely long service life.

Industrial linear lamps

In air-conditioned large-scale facilities, customers often choose industrial linear lamps connected to each other to form light lines. With their help you can perfectly illuminate both large exhibition buildings as well as warehouses. These are hermetic luminaires, waterproof and dustproof, whose angle of light can be adjusted to the needs of the hall, so as to obtain the best amount of light in places that require it.


The most efficient lighting for production buildings

The decision of what lamps to choose for the production building is not an easy one. However, you should certainly be guided by economic considerations. The most savings will come from lamps based on LED technology. Installing them also ensures that the lighting is durable and long-lasting, and most importantly, provides quality light.


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