1. General Details



    CITY STREET LED is characterized by its exceptional luminous efficacy of up to 150 lm/W. It works great in large open spaces. LED technology, compared to traditional lighting, allows you to reduce energy consumption and reduce costs by up to 50% while ensuring a significantly longer life of the unit. CITY STREET LED is a solution that ensures excellent quality of light as well as significant savings for the local budget and a rapid return on investments when replacing old lighting. When developing CITY STREET LED, we put technical aspects and the quality of components first. We wanted the luminaire to stand out with its simple design and construction that meets market standards. In this regard, to increase protection against the overheating of diodes, the luminaire includes separate chambers for the power supply and LED module. The external heat dissipating surface was made using flat heat sink technology with self-cleaning. The luminaire has also been fitted with a filter that balances the pressure between the inside of the luminaire and the surroundings without sucking in air. Safety issues are extremely important to us, which is why the luminaire has a power cut-off system when opened, while the tool-free access to the power chamber significantly simplifies its servicing. In addition, CITY STREET LED gives the user the ability to integrate it with any intelligent remote control network, thereby maximizing savings. All the above is why CITY STREET LED is a solution that will provide you with excellent quality light as well as a quick return on investment.

    „Available in I and II electric class!”

    „The design of this luminaire has been well thought out in order to make it fully adaptable to the requirements of built-up areas.”

  2. Key Advantages
    • Luminous efficiency of up to 150 lm/W guarantees a quick return on investment
    • External heat dissipating surface made using flat heat sink technology for self-cleaning
    • Tool-free access to the chamber; consists of a separate power chamber and a separate LED module chamber
    • Luminaire is equipped with a filter enabling equalization of pressure between the inside of the luminaire and the environment without sucking in dirt
    • Power cut-off system enabled when the luminaire is opened for safety precautions
    • Adjustable mounting system with a diameter of 42–60 mm allows for mounting on a bracket or directly on a pole
    • IP67, IK09
    • Smooth position adjustment in the range of -10° to 0° and 0° to +10°
    • Luminaire can be adapted for any wireless control system (e.g. NEMA socket)
  3. Application
    • Urban and residential roads
    • Parking lots
    • Pedestrian crossings
    • Area lighting
    • Avenues & promenades
    • Cycle paths
    • City squares and intersections
  4. Technical Data

    Control systemsOptional

    Light source HP diodes
    Power consumption max. 60 W
    Luminaire luminous flux max. 30 000 lm/W
    Colour temperature 4000 K
    Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 70
    Lumen Maintenance Output 100 000 h (L70B50)
    Operating temperature -40°C do +40°C
    Beam angles asymmetric
    Electric class I or II / A++
    Body high pressure aluminum
    Finish powder varnish
    Colour grey
    Optics PMMA + tempered glass
    International protection rating IP67
    Mechanical resistance rating IK09
    Weight 4,5 kg, 7,5 kg, 13,5kg
    Voltage ~230 V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Warranty 5 years
    Dimensions [mm] 573x245x159, 635x320x120, 867x392x159
  5. Family
    INDEX NO NAME Power [W] Luminaire luminous flux [LM] Luminaire efficiency [LM/W] RA/CRI
    S300200161XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MINI 20 W, 16 LED, CRI 70 20 3000 150 70
    S300400241XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MINI 40 W, 24 LED, CRI 70 40 6000 150 70
    S300600361XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MINI 60 W, 36 LED, CRI 70 60 9000 150 70
    S310800361XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MIDI 80 W, 36 LED, CRI 70 80 12000 150 70
    S311000481XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MIDI 100 W, 48 LED, CRI 70 100 15000 150 70
    S311200641XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MIDI 120 W, 64 LED, CRI 70 120 18000 150 70
    S321500641XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MAXI 150 W, 64 LED, CRI 70 150 22500 150 70
    S321800801XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MAXI 180 W, 80 LED, CRI 70 180 27000 150 70
    S322001001XXXPXAKEA4 CITY S MAXI 200 W, 100 LED, CRI 70 200 30000 150 70
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